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At PLAY, we are dedicated to finding ways to bring more Peace + Love + Awareness + Yoga into your life, whether it be through the classes, workshops and videos we offer, clothing we sell, or the conversations and smiles we share.  We love to spread PLAY in a mindful manner so that it becomes a practice for you and for all, of creating healthy habits by which to live your life.

Our Team


Chris Eliades

Chris Eliades is a yoga teacher, a Licensed Massage Therapist in Jupiter, Florida.  He began practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to heal himself and in the process found that his passion was to bring this healing to others.  He trained in the Anusara tradition of yoga as well as Kali Natha Yoga and holds a 500 hour teaching certification.  Over the years, Chris has acquired a vast repertoire of kinetic movements that bring joy, relief and balance to his clients bodies.  He incorporates his own unique style of movement into his classes that offer a playful blend of traditional hatha yoga and alternative movement.  


Katy Eliades

Katy Eliades is a kid's yoga teacher in Jupiter, Florida.  She holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Kula Yoga Shala and is dedicated to enriching the lives of children with the yoga practice.  Her kind heart and playful way of teaching nurture the growth of the local children's mind-body-spirit connection.  She also donates her time to St. Mary's Children's Hospital.

About us


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