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Vedic Thai Bodywork

     Vedic Thai Bodywork, or Nuad Borarn is an ancient martial art of healing.  This beautiful art form has been handed down to us by our teacher, Michael (Mukti) Buck of the Vedic Conservatory.  Its roots are born of both the Thai and Vedic Indian cultures and it's essence is profound and deep by nature.  Vedic Thai Bodywork heals the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies, revealing deep layers of the self which are often left untouched and unexplored.  A typical session lasts about 2 hours and is practiced fully clothed on a plush Thai futon. 

     You can expect your practitioner to hold a comfortable space for you to experience the benefits of deep compression massage along the sen lines (energy channels), fluid and static range of motion and assisted stretches, activation of marma points, breath enhancing compressions and so much more.  The sky is the limit with this beautiful therapy.  The Thai culture has been using Thai bodywork as an essential limb of their healthcare system for over 2500 years.  Popularity of this art is beginning to spread in the US as we become ever increasingly aware and health conscious. 

     It is likely that after experiencing a session of Vedic Thai Bodywork, it will be your go-to modality for treatment of specific issues, relaxation, overall well-being and preventative care.

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